Nostalgia Documentation from Seo Choi on Vimeo.

How can technology affect our sense of nostalgia?

Despite the promises of new technology, it can also create social isolation and feelings of loneliness, especially for older people. ‘Nostalgia’ explores how antiquated technology can comfort people suffering from information overload.

Using 3D projection mapping techniques coupled with a more traditional diorama, ‘Nostalgia’ is a narrative that highlights human emotions in a landscape full of ubiquitous technology. The video projection with live actors creates an immersive experience.



Piotr Kamler - Une Mission Ephemere 1993 from Mandal Bro on Vimeo.

Kamler’s animated cinema suggests a singular variety of science fiction. Completely unalike to more conventionally linear and text-based narratives, Kamler’s films instead explore a series of dynamic visual motifs. Typically, the conclusion of these films is less suggestive of resolution, than it is of recurring episode.


A very innovative pocket-sized printer.



Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

Not only a portable design, but able to print on any size page.

it finally feels like 2014

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Magnus Celestii is a natural wooden desk that spirals up to the ceiling. Designed by Joseph Walsh Studio in Ireland, the sculpture and workspace uplifts the user’s spirits and inspires new heights of creativity. Specially made for the Artist House in Roche Court, the piece was crafted from olive ash and finished with white oil. The impressive design draws from forms and functions seen in Walsh’s earlier work.

-Layers of Ash wood

"Sculptural desk reaches for the sky"

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Within visibilty


Paris and the Unknown, Yoyo the Ricecorpse


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